Target Practice — Niche Audiences

I love the bowstring analogy. Like I stated in my last post:

The arrow flies further when you pull the bowstring back with a goal in mind.

When planning your content for social media, it is key to define your audience. Remember, bigger is not always better.

Why does this matter to your marketing? It all comes down to ROI. And I think I can speak for all of us that we enjoy being more effective with the money we spend.

What is a Niche Audience?

In simple terms, a niche audience is a small group of people, centered around one common interest. From groups on Facebook to whole platforms, niche audiences are around us everywhere. Chances are you are in one already. Think about the groups you are in, the forums you browse on, the conversations you have with like-minded individuals. These are all niche audiences.

A great example of this is sub-reddits. One can find threads of any interest from cars to cameras. The reason these groups are in place is usually to spread wisdom, humor, advice, or generally connect others.

How does this relate to marketing? These niche audiences have specific “needs, which can be met by a targeted product or service”(Laughton, 2019). By joining or advertising on these platforms where the niche audience resides, you can better spend your marketing money to ensure it is not wasted on individuals that do not care.

How can focusing on a niche platform benefit your social strategy?

Focusing on a small unit can help maximize your ROI. Ensure that your target audience is ready to buy and has the right specifications that are in your demographics. Spending more money on the people that matter will yield better results. Along with having a better ROI, you can help create a client base and community that is centered around your organization. By joining these groups, your organization will gain trust and come to mind when people think about the topic at hand.

Let me give you an example:

Would you rather spend $100 casting a huge net blindly into the ocean, or would you rather do a little bit of research and find out where the fish are and then toss the same net at that area?

C’mon, we all know the answer.

Can you think of any examples where a brand or influencer uses a niche platform and does it well?

This is a question for you. Think about the groups you are in. Who has spent their money advertising?

My answer would be Lumin8. They have infiltrated the video production market posting advertisements in groups that I am in. It is effective as the market is now picking up and posting photos with this cool gear.

Some key terms and examples of niche markets you could target are detailed by Alexa Blog:

  • Geographic area
  • Lifestyle
  • Occasion
  • Profession
  • Style
  • Culture
  • Activity or habits
  • Behavior
  • Demographic

Should you do your research?

When spending your time and money into a marketing campaign, find the right target, pull back the arrow, and let it fire.

It may not be the first or second one that hits, but if you are smart with your aim, it won't be long.

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